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Can You Itemize Your Miscellaneous Deductions?

Can You Itemize Your Miscellaneous Deductions? Miscellaneous deductions you paid for as an employee can reduce your tax bill if they are work related expenses, but you must itemize deductions when you file to claim these expenses. If you usually claim the standard deduction, it might be time for you to start thinking about itemizing to lower your taxes. Here are some tax tips that may help you reduce your taxes: Deductions Subject to 2% […]

Hurricane Tax Relief

Saved By the Hurricane Have you been so caught up with the craziness life is bringing you that you forgot to file taxes after your extension? Well, you’re in luck. The IRS is now offering expanded relief to any area designated by FEMA as qualifying for either individual assistance or public assistance in the state of Florida. Lucky for you, the whole state of Florida, all 67 counties, is qualified by FEMA for individual or […]

Virtual Currency

As the times start to change and more Millennials are getting jobs, virtual currency is becoming more popular. Many retailers and online businesses now accept virtual currency for transactions, but the federal tax implications remain relatively unknown to many retailers. If you’re a retailer who accepts virtual currency such as Bitcoins for transactions, here’s what you need to know. Sometimes, virtual currency such as Bitcoins operate like “real” currency, i.e. the coin and paper money […]