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Payroll Services

Pharr CPA provides payroll services for any business, large or small. Prepare for complete control as a business owner. Call us once per pay period, or enter data such as hours, pay, overtime and benefits - personally - everyday.

Payroll Services

Pay Employees via direct deposit or physical check.

Zero Paperwork

Submit payroll taxes electronically – No paperwork!


Setup worker’s compensation, Employee benefits & 401k .

Competitive pricing when compared with other local and national payroll companies - we beat almost any price!

Payroll Services

If you, as a business owner, need a simple platform to host your payroll with complete control over every detail, look no further. Or feel free to separate yourself from payroll and allow Pharr CPA to handle every detail. We process anything from weekly hourly employees to monthly salaried employees, all on direct deposit or via physically printed checks.

Do your employees need workers comp? We can get you set up with workers comp today with pay as you go service that processes with your payroll. If your employees need vacation or sick time we can process that for you as well, adding and accruing the hours. Do you have a 401k set up? We can run those straight through your checks and have it deducted before or after taxes!

Payroll Taxes

Included in your payroll fees are all your payroll taxes and forms. That means we handle your payroll taxes and processing all quarterly and annual tax forms. The best part is our paperless system which is handled by submitting everything online, saving you time and money.

Nobody wants to keep up with how often they need to pay taxes or if they’re a semiweekly depositor or not, so let Pharr CPA take care of that for you. Our system can handle everything electronically which means you’ll never have to write another check again. From paying employee’s by direct deposit to paying the State and IRS, we’ve got you covered!

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Easy, fast & reliable payroll services!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to setup payroll?

We will send you all the paperwork that needs to be filled out and after you send us all the information we need, it will take 2-3 business days to complete enrollment.

How much is this going to cost?

The answer simply is, it depends. Depending on if you are one employee that’s running payroll once a month or if you have 20 employees running payroll every week. The best way is to just give us a call and we can calculate it all for you.

When can I start payroll? Does it need to be at the end of the year or quarter?

You can start anytime you want!

Can I log onto my payroll account to pull records?

Yes. On our website you can login to your payroll account and pull any records you need to. If you wanted to handle everything you could even process your own payroll.

Can I do direct deposit?

Yes you can direct deposit to your employees and the IRS.

What if I don't want direct deposit and just want to write my own check, can I do that?

Yes. We can process all your checks for you online and you can still write your own checks. We process online to know how much taxes are taken out and what you need to write your check for.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid based on your pay schedule. The big thing to remember is that your pay has to be submitted two business days before pay day in order to receive your pay on time.

When do taxes need to paid?

Don’t even worry about it, we will handle all that for you and notify you of when your next tax payment is due.

If I have any questions, is there anyone to contact?

Yes. We have someone at the office that can answer any payroll questions you may have.

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