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John Pharr CPA

Big firm capacity. Small firm personality.



Pharr CPA provides accounting, tax, management advisory, and other consulting services to a wide range of clients in and around the Pensacola area.


We offer our clients
a comprehensive range
of financial services



Free yourself to focus on your business rather than allowing yourself to become bogged down in day to day operations.


Financial Planning

Tell us about your goals in life, and we’ll help you discover about how to plan for them.


Tax Services

Our knowledge of income tax preparation, our enthusiasm and our commitment to our clients is just the start of what we offer.

John Pharr is a member of Riverside WA Financial Advisors.


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Financial Planning

Let us meet with you to review your financial situation and help you to develop a realistic budget. Our firm uses custom-developed models, we can evaluate the performance of your investments to get the “real” rate of return on your investments , we will evaluate your portfolio and assist you in holding appropriate investments in light of your age and retirement objectives.


Our firm provides a wide array of financial services. Services offered include compiled financial statements, and other agreed upon procedures. Typical monthly or quarterly services including payroll tax return processing, computerized check writing, bookkeeping, and overall financial consulting.

We can assist you with accounting tasks as basic as bank reconciliations to complex business valuations. We have a great deal of experience in working with computerized accounting software and can assist you in the installation, setup, technical support and training of QuickBooks accounting software. Having made over two hundred installations, we have the experience in customizing the software for your specific business needs. Furthermore, our experience with Quickbooks will provide opportunities for increased efficiencies in your accounting functions. These include computer-printed checks and deposit, automated bank and credit card reconciliations, and real-time reporting.

Tax Services

John Pharr CPA LLC’s objectives are focused on proactive tax planning to maximize benefits to our clients and minimize the taxes that must be paid. We provide a full range of tax preparation services for individuals, S corporations, C corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, estates, and trusts. Each return is meticulously reviewed to evaluate the potential for IRS audit, to ensure that deductions are consistent with applicable tax laws and regulations, and to make certain that the taxpayer has taken advantage of all opportunities for deductions. With our experience and expertise, it ensures that your tax returns are prepared accurately.